AI Solutions For Commodities Trading

Calypso Commodities is a German software company focused on software development for the energy and commodity industries.

Persisting inefficiencies in deployment of vessels for physical commodity trading hide enormous upsides for cost savings and competitive advantages. Spreadsheet-based tools paired with personal experience are commonly used for routing and scheduling of fleets, lacking algorithmic methods and a wholistic view on portfolio optimisation.

We deploy cutting-edge algorithms such as Branch & Price, Branch & Cut, as well as heuristics on commodity logistics and portfolio optimisation to build ready-to-use software products for shipping and trading desks that are in line with the market reality on the ground. Our team brings substantial industry and technical knowledge, with both experience in the gas/LNG industry and consulting, as well as in computer science and software development.


Our core expertise lies in providing state-of-the-art software products exclusively tailored for LNG trading in the energy market. While we also take on custom projects, our primary focus remains on developing LNG trading tools. We deliver off-the-shelf products, yet we pride ourselves on our ability to provide extensive customization and seamless integration into our client’s existing trading software. This approach ensures that each client receives a unique and competitive advantage tailored to their specific needs.


Our optimisation software for the global LNG market.


Calypso develops AI-based software solutions for portfolio- and logistics- optimisation in commodities trading that capture the full complexity of the respective market.

Digital Fleet Management

1. ADP-Planner

Matching of client’s Long & Short positions (incl. FOB & DES cargos) and creation of profit-maximising fleet deployment plan.

2. Vessel Optimisation

Boil-Off-Gas Optimisation, Cost Optimal Cool-Down Management, Bunker Fuel Optimisation.

3. Route Optimisation

Inclusion of risks and insurances, waiting times at channels and ports, idle times and alternative routes.

Portfolio Optimisation

1. Stochastic Optimisation

Value and hedge the portfolio using an inclusive stochastic optimisation approach.

2. Risk Management

Evaluate the profitability of re-gasifying, storing or selling at a gas hub market.

3. Integration of Gas & LNG Portfolios

Commonly used risk metrics such as Value- or Profit-at-Risk as well as the full profit and cost distributions