Software Development Services

We offer a variety of programming and software development services in the commodity and energy industries. Our team brings substantial industry and technical knowledge, with both experience in the LNG industry and consulting, as well as in computer science and software engineering. Hence we are able to offer advanced developments on a bespoke basis, including front-end and back-end development, UI/UX. Our key focus is modelling and optimisation software developments.


We build sophisticated models of commodity and energy markets – tailored to the specific analytic needs of each client. We specialise in specific models for cases such as gas storage management, bunker fuel optimisation, dispatch models for power, gas, and hydrogen – etc.


Complex OR problems are our mathematical core competence – particular Mixed Integer and Stochastic Programming. We transform your logistical and industrial problems to a numeric model. To ensure minimal computing times (minutes), we deploy smart parallelisation of algos.

Key Technologies

Our products are built upon state-of-the-art software technologies.

Quality control / used DevOps techniques

Our software development and coding process follows state-of-the-art paradigms.

We work with automatic code documentation, so that documentation in the form of HTML or PDF documents always is available.
We use Unit Testing to ensure that units of code conform to the client's required design and behave exactly as intended. Although Calypso builds comprehensive tests, the client can also set its own test standards. This allows the client to define test cases that are automatically processed in our deployment pipeline.
Calypso practices modern CI/CD according to common standards. In addition to continuous development via clean Git workflows, continuous integration with automatic tests during the deployment process and continuous delivery via an automation server to run automatic deployment pipelines (Jenkins) is also guaranteed. To provide a working CI/CD pipeline we offer a productive stage for your daily business and deliver a development stage for further deployment with limited infrastructure resources.
We can set up a platform for continuous code quality monitoring for the client. Automatic reviews are created, providing a static code analysis examining the code for potential bugs, code smells & security gaps, that go beyond regular automatic testing.
If desired, Calypso can set up a platform where the client can provide the cloud infrastructure declaratively for example in JSON format. On this platform, nothing is deployed manually. As far as possible, the infrastructure deployment can be integrated into the Jenkins pipeline for an automatic deployment of the cloud resources. It is also possible to pack the software components into Docker and then use Kubernetes to orchestrate the running containers with a state-of-the-art technology. To ensure a cost-efficient deployment on the Cloud Platform, Azure functions or Azure Batch can be used. Using Azure functions, the execution of our code will be triggered when a job comes in. Using this service will be cost efficient because just the runtime and used resources will be paid. Using Azure batch will contain the creation of am ACS Cluster with automatic scaling.

Bismarckstraße 10/12, 10625 Berlin, Germany


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Michael Schach, CEO